Le mystère Daval

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Une fiction librement inspirée de faits réels. D'après le livre " L'Affaire Alexia Daval : La Vraie Histoire " de Laurent Briot et Christophe Dubois.

Saturday, October 28, 2017, 12:10 pm. Two men disembark, panicked, at the gendarmerie of Gray. Jonathann Daval, accompanied by his brother-in-law, comes to report the disappearance of his wife, Alexia. She had gone for a morning jog and had not returned. What happened to her? For 3 months, the police will carry out a relentless, exemplary investigation, as discreetly as possible, in order to gather evidence and then make the man confess, who they are convinced is not telling the whole story: Jonathann.