• Regisseur Tetsuya Nakashima
  • Dauer 1 Stunde 45 Minuten
  • Genres Komödie, Drama, Familie
  • Sprache Japanisch


4 Mitglieder

Great happiness from a little girl.

There once was a hospital where patients and even doctors & nurses were all weird. Above all, Onuki, a patient who built up his company all by himself from scratch, is a super cranky old man. One day, he meets up a girl called Paco, who cannot retain memory beyond one day due to a car accident. She is reading the same picture book everyday. Onuki starts bonding with Paco after some incident, and begins to doubt his way of living. He starts wanting to do something for Paco with his remaining life, and comes up with a brilliant idea. This pleases Paco, but their fate is?

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