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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)

The Sleeping Slave

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Mista tries to force the truth from Scolippi, who explains that his stand, Rolling Stones[ah] creates stones with images of people at the moment of their deaths. Once a person touches their own stone, they are allowed to choose to accept their deaths. He affirms that after the florist's daughter touched her stone, she realized that she was about to die and committed suicide to allow her organs to be transplanted into her ailing father and save his life. Upon learning this, Mista tries his best to prevent Bucciarati from touching his own stone, almost killing himself in the process. Back in the present, Giorno and the others learn that, despite his body being dead, Polnareff managed to keep his soul attached to the turtle's Stand and Giorno decides to keep the arrow inside it for safekeeping. The series ends with Giorno being watched by Mista and Polnareff as he is instated as the new leader of Passione.

Episodes (39)

Season 4

Comments (2)

Un peu déçu par cette fin ! Je m'attendais à un combat comme celui contre Dio ! Le requiem de Giorno est juste horrible en vrai ce pouvoir est démoniaque !


Mais quel épisode incroyable!


Actors (6)

Kensho Ono
Giorno Giovanna (voice)
Yuichi Nakamura
Bruno Bucciarati (voice)
Kohsuke Toriumi
Guido Mista (voice)
Junya Enoki
Pannacotta Fugo (voice)
Daiki Yamashita
Narancia Ghirga (voice)
Junichi Suwabe
Leone Abbacchio (voice)