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Ted Lasso S2
DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Bad Blood

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With Constantine obsessed with getting his powers back, he convinces Spooner to join him on the quest to find the Fountain of Imperium. After they find themselves at the end of the Spanish Civil War, Spooner makes an unexpected bond with someone she feels the need to protect them from everyone, including Constantine. Now that they have a special guest on board the Waverider, Nate, Zari, Behrad, Gary and Astra all work together but experience some growing pains along the way. Meanwhile, Sara and Lita are concerned about Rory's health, so they try to convince him to take it seriously.

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S06E11 - The Final Frame

Comments (4)

Pauvre constantine il par du mauvais coter.


Encore une fois quelqu'un sous note. Cet épisode ne vaut pas 1,5


Actors (23)

Caity Lotz
Sara Lance / White Canary
Zari Tarazi / Zari Tomaz
Ava Sharpe
Tala Ashe
Zari Tarazi / Zari Tomaz
Jes Macallan
Ava Sharpe
Olivia Swann
Astra Logue
Shayan Sobhian
Behrad Tarazi
Amy Pemberton
Lisseth Chavez
Esperanza 'Spooner' Cruz
Nick Zano
Nathaniel 'Nate' Heywood / Steel
Dominic Purcell
Mick Rory / Heat Wave
Adam Tsekhman
Gary Green
Matt Ryan
John Constantine
Mina Sundwall
Matt Lucas
Aleister Crowley (voice)
Ricardo Ortiz
Leo Rano
Captain Noriega
Alexander Soto
El Gato
Andy Canete
Old Farmer
Melissa Farman
Hector Meneu Hueso
Fernando (voice)
Cynthia Mendez
Espirito Santo Mauricio
Old Widow