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Love Alarm

Your Heart Is Safe Now

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News of the tragedy hits the airwaves. Hye-yeong finds Jojo at the library and informs her that he plans to court her the old-fashioned way.

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S01E07 - Something I’ve Been Holding Back and Can Only Say to You

Actors (16)

Kim So-hyun
Kim Jojo
Jung Ga-ram
Lee Hye-yeong
Hwang Sun-oh
Go Min-si
Park Gul-mi
Lee Jae-eung
Chon Duk-gu
Kim Si-eun
Song Seon-mi
Jeong Mi-mi
Shim Yi-young
Bae Gyeong-hee
Shin Seung-ho
Jang Il-sik
Kim Young-pil
Hwang Jae-cheol
Park Sung-yeon
Jojo's Aunt
Kim Jang-go
Song Geon-hee
Yoon Na-moo
Kim Min-jae
Choi Joo-won
Kim Hee-chang