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Pups Stop the Cheetah

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The Paw Patrol gets a brand new Paw Patroller to stop Mayor Humdinger's cousin, the Cheetah, from turning the jungle into a race course! Now it's up to the pups to rescue the jungle and stop the Cheetah!

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S08E18 - Pups Save a Show Jumper

Episodes (29)

Season 8

Actors (8)

Justin Paul Kelly
Chase (voice)
Ron Pardo
Cap'n Turbot / Mayor Humdinger / Farmer Al (voice)
Kingsley Marshall
Marshall (voice)
Keegan Hedley
Rubble (voice)
Lilly Bartlam
Skye (voice)
Shayle Simons
Zuma (voice)
Beckett Hipkiss
Ryder (voice)
Jackson Reid
Rocky (voice)