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The One that Didn't Get Away!

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The Pokémon School class is fishing off a reef, and Ash and Lana decide to venture farther out to sea inside Brionne’s balloons. Suddenly, they encounter the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre! They learn that it’s been poisoned and is being pursued by a group of sinister Pokémon hunters. But the hunters underestimate our heroes’ skills and determination, and Kyogre is healed when Lana coaxes it to swallow an Antidote. Kyogre is still angry, but after Brionne evolves into Primarina and sings a beautiful melody, the Legendary Pokémon calms down enough for Lana to express her admiration for it. This is one adventure Lana and Primarina will never forget!

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S18E121 - A Recipe for Success!

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