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Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It

I Knew I Could Fall in Love with You, So I Tried to Prove it.

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For some reason, the glasses case Himuro gives Yukimura as a present is smashed to pieces. Shock sends Himuro racing away from the scene. Ibarada points out that it could have broken when Himuro fell on the stairs, but Yukimura estimates the force of impact based on the case's mass, materials, and height of fall, and concludes that someone must have deliberately destroyed it. Finally, at dawn, Yukimura finds Himuro crouched alone, barefooted, on a bridge. Will they be able to reconcile? And will they be able to prove their love...?!


Actors (7)

Yuuma Uchida
Shinya Yukimura (voice)
Sora Amamiya
Ayano Himuro (voice)
Natsuko Hara
Kotonoha Kanade (voice)
Jun Fukushima
Kosuke Inukai (voice)
Ryotaro Okiayu
Ikeda (voice)
Momo Asakura
Rikekuma (voice)
Nichika Omori
Ena Ibarada (voice)