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  • Original release
  • Previous episode S06E02 - The Incident
  • Number S06E03
  • Director Andrew Cividino
  • Writer Michael Short
Schitt's Creek

The Job Interview

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After Johnny is rejected for a bank loan, he and Moira resolve to pursue Bob as an investor for the new motel. Meanwhile, Alexis and Ted struggle with long-distance, and it’s proving to be especially difficult to find time to chat on their anniversary. David helps Stevie with a job interview for a local airline.

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Actors (8)

Eugene Levy
Johnny Rose
Catherine O'Hara
Moira Rose
Dan Levy
David Rose
Annie Murphy
Alexis Rose
Emily Hampshire
Stevie Budd
Chris Elliott
Roland Schitt
Jennifer Robertson
Jocelyn Schitt
Sarah Levy
Twyla Sands