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  • Original release
  • Previous episode S06E09 - Rebound
  • Number S06E10
  • Director Jordan Canning
  • Writers Kurt Smeaton, Winter Tekenos-Levy
Schitt's Creek

Sunrise, Sunset

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Moira’s former "Sunrise Bay" producers show up with big news, while Alexis binge-watches old episodes of the soap and discovers some dirt. Alexis gives Moira advice on how to proceed, leaving Moira feeling conflicted. Meanwhile, the new motel is proving to be a money pit for Johnny, which has him worried about paying for David’s lavish catering bill for the wedding.

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Actors (10)

Eugene Levy
Johnny Rose
Catherine O'Hara
Moira Rose
Dan Levy
David Rose
Annie Murphy
Alexis Rose
Emily Hampshire
Stevie Budd
Chris Elliott
Roland Schitt
Jennifer Robertson
Jocelyn Schitt
Sarah Levy
Twyla Sands
Saul Rubinek
Tippy Bernstein
Victor Garber
Clifton Sparks