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Flower of Evil

An Unwelcome Guest

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Hyun Su and Ji Won were gone when the police arrived at Hyun Su’s workshop. The only thing the police are left with is footage of Hyun Su’s threatening Ji Won with a knife. Meanwhile, Hyun Su shares his plans with Ji Won, which she disagrees, and manages to outsmart her so that she doesn’t further get involved. Hae Su is asked a favor to take care of Eun Ha. When they stop by Hyun Su’s house for Eun Ha’s belongings, Hae Su comes across an unwelcome guest.

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S01E15 - Detective Cha is Dead

Actors (18)

Baek Hee-Sung
Lee Joon-gi
Baek Hee-Sung
Moon Chae-won
Cha Ji-Won
Jang Hee-jin
Do Hae-Soo
Seo Hyun-woo
Kim Moo-Jin
Yoon Byung-Hee
Choi Young-Joon
Kim Soo-O
Yang Hye-Jin
Hong Seo-Jun
Police Captain
Choi Dae-Hoon
Choi Byung-mo
Son Jong-hak
Nam Gi-Ae
Im Chul-hyung
Jo Kyung-sook
Lim Na-young
Jung Seo-Yeon