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The Good Fight

And the Firm Had Two Partners…

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Liz and Carmen represent Oscar Rivi, who is suing Harbor Hospital over the wrongful death of his daughter. Jay's investigation of the case triggers some PTSD that forces him to dig deeper into his own experience with Covid. With Madeline Starkey still hell-bent on getting Kurt to come clean, Diane decides to take matters into her own hands.

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S05E06 - And the Two Partners Had a Fight…


Episode bon mais ce n'est toujours pas le coup de cœur pour moi cette année. Les hallucinations de Jay sont insupportables.


Actors (15)

Christine Baranski
Diane Lockhart
Cush Jumbo
Lucca Quinn
Audra McDonald
Elizabeth "Liz" Reddick-Lawrence
Sarah Steele
Marissa Gold
Julius Cain
Nyambi Nyambi
Jay Dipersia
Mandy Patinkin
Hal Wackner
Delroy Lindo
Adrian Boseman
Danny Pino
Racehorse Diaz
Kurt McVeigh
Zach Grenier
David Lee
Charmaine Bingwa
Carmen Moyo
Kurt McVeigh
Jane Lynch
Madeline Starkey
Gary Cole
Kurt McVeigh