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  • Director John Sturges
  • Runtime 1 hour 26 minutes
  • Genres Action, Western
  • Language English

The Law and Jake Wade

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The girl is a captive hostage at the mercy of the West's most notorious bandit-killer.

Jake Wade breaks Cling Hollister out of jail to pay off an old debt, though it's clear there is some pretty deep hostility between them. They part, and Jake returns to his small-town marshal's job and his fiancée only to find he has been tracked there by Hollister. It seems they were once in a gang together and Jake knows where the proceeds of a bank hold-up are hidden. Hollister and his sidekicks make off into the hills, taking along the trussed-up marshal and his kidnapped bride-to-be to force the lawman to show them where the loot is.

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