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  • Director Michael Almereyda
  • Runtime 1 hour 38 minutes
  • Genres Drama, History
  • Language English


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The Stanley Milgram Story

Yale University, 1961. Stanley Milgram designs a psychology experiment that still resonates to this day, in which people think they’re delivering painful electric shocks to an affable stranger strapped into a chair in another room. Despite his pleads for mercy, the majority of subjects don’t stop the experiment, administering what they think is a near-fatal electric shock, simply because they’ve been told to do so. With Nazi Adolf Eichmann’s trial airing in living rooms across America, Milgram strikes a nerve in popular culture and the scientific community with his exploration into people’s tendency to comply with authority. Celebrated in some circles, he is also accused of being a deceptive, manipulative monster, but his wife Sasha stands by him through it all.

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Comments (2)

Sujet très intéressant repris aussi dans une façon de filmer qui peut déconcerter beaucoup au premier abord, mais qui aborde bien l'une des problématiques du film : l'illusion, l'apparence, la reproduction en échantillon. Seule la signification de l'éléphant m'échappe complètement ! Sinon, très bon film découvert aux 3 Luxembourg, à voir !


Sujet très intéressant mais je n'ai pas du tout accroché avec le style narratif et la façon de filmer ... Dommage