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  • Director Erich Waschneck
  • Runtime 1 hour 28 minutes
  • Genre Drama
  • Language German

Hab Sonne im Herzen

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On a mountain lake, in the picturesque Alps in the Salzburg region, the old, rich grumble has retired to his country house and actually only wants to live in peace and seclusion. Soon the longed-for peace will be over, because in the immediate vicinity a home for little-wealthy holiday children will be opened in an empty house, which will be headed by the cheerful and optimistic teacher Miss Helm. Since children are now loud and impetuous, while the old grumble wants to devote himself entirely to his garden and the trees, there are bound to be vocal conflicts, especially since the high-spirited children do not miss an opportunity to play grumble a few pranks. Grummel is angry red and fights every time against any new unrest that has gripped his life, but to no avail.