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  • Director Finn Henriksen
  • Runtime 1 hour 21 minutes
  • Genres Family, Comedy
  • Language Danish

Jydekompagniet 3

The Jut-Nuts III
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The second part is always a disappointment.

Jacob and Finn run their low-budget private-eye business out of an auto salvage yard. Usually they are woefully incompetent, and on occasion they are inventive, like the time they find a boat captain's dentures. They're broke, so when Finn comes to the attention of a local hospital as having very healthy organs, Jacob is willing to help a corrupt doctor and his gold-digging nurse sell Finn's heart to a dying sheik in Switzerland. Finn rebels, so Jacob plots to substitute a pig's heart; then Finn gets attached to the pig and won't hear of its slaughter. As the sheik's health deteriorates and the doctor gets more desperate, Finn is in grave danger. Jacob has another plan.