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  • Director Ryuichi Hiroki
  • Runtime 2 hours 4 minutes
  • Genre Comedy
  • Language Japanese


Policeman and Me
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Kako, a 16-year-old high school girl, goes to a mixer pretending to be 22. While there, she meets Kouta who at first has a very intimidating aura. But once he saves her from an awkward situation, she wants to know more about him as does he. That is until he finds out she isn't 22. The next day Kako runs into him again, but this time he's working as a police officer. Kako still wants to get closer to Kouta, but he isn't interested...or is he?

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Film japonnais tout sympa et choupinou avec ce calm serein qui emplit les films japonnais et bien sur que ce serait une histoire d'amour sans un joli baiser de fin