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  • Director Mink
  • Runtime 1 hour 37 minutes
  • Genre Action
  • Language English

Into the Sun

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After the assassination of Tokyo's Governor by Yakuza members, the CIA bureau chief (William Atherton) for Tokyo puts out a call to an agent (Steven Seagal) that had been raised in Japan and trained by ex-Yakuza. Using his former ties, he quickly determines that a war is brewing between old-guard Yakuza members and a young, crazed leader (Takao Osawa) with ties to the Chinese Tong.

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Bah mince... Celui-ci est vraiment pas mal, au milieu de tous les navets que Seagal nous sort. Il assure même certaines chorés de combat et de chambara sans doublure. Ca reste un DTV de série B évidemment, mais c'est bien mieux que ses Submerged, Affaire CIA, Force Execution et compagnie.