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  • Director Malcolm Ellis
  • Runtime 1 hour 43 minutes
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Language English

Tripping Through

Falling in love? Nope. Just falling down.

We first meet bumbling and eager-to-please Karly as she is dumped over an affair she didn't have and then fired for performing a very efficient audit on a company...that wasn't actually a client. Unemployed, broke, and lonely - she thinks her luck may be turning when she meets the perfect man but in true-to-Karly form, accidentally scares him off. (You know, that moment when you think you've asked a man over for mac and cheese but you've accidentally propositioned him with depraved x-rated activities.) Just as she resigns herself to a life of loneliness, a tragic twist jolts her into finding the inner strength to turn her luck around.