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  • Runtime 30 minutes
  • Genres Fantasy, Animation, Action
  • Language Japanese

ストライクウィッチーズ Operation Victory Arrow vol.1 サン・トロンの雷鳴

Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Vol.1 - The Thunder of Saint-Trond

After half a month from Romagna release according to the first 501 Joint Fighter Wing , known as the " Strike Witches " , To Mina us Carl slant members of the original that are stationed in San Tron base of Berugika kingdom , Twin sister Ursula of Erica Hartmann have been dispatched . Ursula belonging to the prototype development team of native Carl slant is , in Mina us It was to have brought a variety of prototype in order to ask the practical test . "I 'm did me great pains come , but do not you sometimes the help of sister , Hartmann " " Sister , I have something angry ? " No, no it ejected is Erica Hartmann to test the prototype . However , the activities of Neuroi around Berugika was not ceased -