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  • Director Yasunao Aoki
  • Runtime 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Genres Drama, Animation, Science-Fiction
  • Language Japanese


Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
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After Colony 196, Christmas Eve, Treize Kushrenada is dead and the 5 young soldiers known as the Gundam pilots have brought peace between Earth and the Colonies through Operation Meteor. Now they move on with their lives and their Gundams are being disposed of in the sun, never needed again. Or do they? Meet Marimaia Kushrenada, the long lost daughter of Treize. Manipulated by her grandfather Dekim, she plans to take over earth and bring it back to war with the true Operation Meteor. Relana Peacecraft gets kidnapped by her and the thought dead Barton organization and to top it off one of the Gundam pilots is fighting by their side. Now their only hope of bringing peace back is on its way to the sun. Who is the traitor? What was the true intention of Operation Meteor Will they get their Gundams in time for one last battle? Will there finally be peace?


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