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  • Director Johnnie To
  • Runtime 1 hour 34 minutes
  • Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
  • Language Cn


Love on a Diet

Mimi Mo, a young exchange student to Japan who met and fell in love with a budding pianist, Kurokawa. Kurokawa eventually leaves to study music in the USA and returns to Japan as a famous musician. Meanwhile, Mimi has dealt with her depression by eating and weights over 300lbs and Kurokawa doesn't recognize her. Mimi eventually meets Fatty who helps her lose the weight so she can fulfill her promise of meeting Kurokawa made 10 years earlier. But then they fall in love.....



Si on occulte cette idée débile que les gros sont gros parce qu'ils bouffent trop (l'obésité est toujours multifactorielle), ça reste un assez joli film.