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  • Director Shouko Nakamura
  • Runtime 1 hour
  • Genres Romance, Animation
  • Language Japanese


Dou kyu sei – Classmates
35 members

Sincerely, Slowly, Falling in Love.

Rihito Sajo, an honor student with a perfect score on the entrance exam and Hikaru Kusakabe, in a band and popular among girls, would have never crossed paths. Until one day they started talking at the practice for their school’s upcoming chorus festival. After school, the two meet regularly, as Hikaru helps Rihito to improve his singing skills. While they listen to each other’s voice and harmonize, their hearts start to beat together.

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Comments (2)

C’est drôle, c’est poignant, c’est beau. C’est simple (et pourtant pas tant que ça) et efficace. Et si beau.


Ce film... Que dire de ce film à part qu'à mes yeux, il est parfait? Les graphismes, l'animation, le scénario... Les émotions transmises... Tout dans ce film est parfait! Les personnages sont attachants au possible et ce film est touchant... Je suis tombée amoureuse de Doukyuusei! ❤


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