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  • Director Gabi Kubach
  • Runtime 1 hour 28 minutes
  • Genres Telefilm, Drama, Romance
  • Language German

Die Pferdefrau

The young veterinarian Christine from Vienna stands on the sunny side of life. She is in a relationship with the attractive management consultant Alexander, has just completed her doctorate and is looking forward to a dream job. And she is also unexpectedly pregnant. But after an altercation with Alexander, she loses the child. She desperately flees to her father Georg, a painter to whom she had no contact for many years. He lives on an inherited family estate in Saxony. But instead of rest there is new excitement. At the neighboring riding school she gets together with coach Markus. His rude methods of horse education do not suit her at all. After some difficulties, the two get together and she can also win the trust of a difficult, valuable horse.