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  • Director Mike Correll
  • Runtime 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Genre Documentary
  • Language English

Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters

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I Like to Paint Monsters examines the life and career of Chet Zar, Painter of Dark. Zar is known for his work as a Special FX artist on Hellboy and Hellboy II, among many other Hollywood blockbusters, as well as his music video and live performance work with the world renowned band TOOL. After becoming disheartened with the film industry, Zar 'followed his bliss' and began painting monsters for a living. A forerunner of the Dark Art movement, Zar tackles difficult social situations with his enigmatic and iconic artwork! Enter an all-encompassing and introspective view of Zar's worlds. Sometimes gruesome, periodically funny, but always thought provoking, Zar's art is at once as enigmatic as it is frightening. But what about the man behind the paintbrush? Who is Chet Zar and why does he like to paint monsters? This is the primary question at the heart of the documentary.