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  • Director Jin Kurihara
  • Runtime 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Genre Comedy
  • Language Japanese


Miracle classroom

Yanagi Shuji is terrible at being a monk, as he just wants to have fun all the time. His father is the Chief Monk of the Yagira Temple, and Shuji is expected to take over the role eventually.Unfortunately, Shuji is not only not cut out to be a monk, one day, he becomes deep in debt... 10 million yen's worth! In order to repay his loan, he decides to take on the job of teaching literature at a prep school. To be able to earn big bucks, he has to be a charismatic teacher, one that is popular with the students and be in demand all the time. To that end, Shuji decides to put on a bright yellow suit, and help his students learn through comedy and funny jokes.