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  • Director Sydney Pollack
  • Runtime 2 hours 34 minutes
  • Genres Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • Language English

The Firm

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Power can be murder to resist.

Mitch McDeere is a young man with a promising future in Law. About to sit his Bar exam, he is approached by 'The Firm' and made an offer he doesn't refuse. Seduced by the money and gifts showered on him, he is totally oblivious to the more sinister side of his company. Then, two Associates are murdered. The FBI contact him, asking him for information and suddenly his life is ruined. He has a choice - work with the FBI, or stay with the Firm. Either way he will lose his life as he knows it. Mitch figures the only way out is to follow his own plan...

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Comments (3)

1993. Et après, on ne pouvait pas envisager/prévoir les Panama Papers ?^^


Un poil complexe, un poil long, Pollack réussit tout de même à nous intéresser sans pour autant nous faire vibrer grâce, surtout, à la fraîcheur et la vivacité de Tom Cruise qui rend le film sympa.


Bon film pour l’epoque ! L’ost au piano est juste insupportable par contre


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