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  • Director Kim Han-gyeol
  • Runtime 1 hour 49 minutes
  • Genres Romance, Comedy
  • Language Korean

가장 보통의 연애

Crazy Romance
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Those hurt in love, can they really start a true romance?

Jae-hoon recently breaks up with his girlfriend and he still cannot give her up. Whenever he gets drunk, it has become a daily routine to call her and act out of drunkenness. On the other hand, Sun-young also decides to break up with his boyfriend. But she holds a grudge against him. For them, it seems that the beginning and the end of a love affair are both difficult. Can they overcome from the previous romance and start the new one?

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Comments (2)

Beaucoup de boisson dans ce film pas si fifou que ça quand même une amitié quise développe pour finir oui en romance mais si folle que ça un ptit film sympa qui fait passer le temps


Gentil petit film sur la drague à la coréenne (alcoolisée...). Gong Hyo Jin et Kim Rae Won sont bourrés (warf warf) de charme !