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  • Director Jun Kawagoe
  • Runtime 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Genres Animation, Action, Adventure, Crime
  • Language Japanese

ルパン三世 グッバイ・パートナー

Lupin the Third: Goodbye Partner
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Inspector Zenigata is arrested, and the press claims he was the true mastermind behind all of Lupin’s notorious heists! It doesn’t take long for Lupin’s pride to get the better of him, and wealthy magnate Roy Forest manipulates him into accepting a new challenge: stealing the "Time Crystal" within a week. The Time Crystal is a government secret gone public: a super-computer engine that can decrypt secure passwords faster than ever thought possible. But why is Jigen acting so strangely lately? What has be come of the young piano prodigy who was recently kidnapped? And what's the strange connection between them all?

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