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  • Director Cecilia Rouaud
  • Runtime 1 hour 36 minutes
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Language French

Je me suis fait tout petit

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There's nothing to keep Yvan in Paris any longer. His wife has left him to live in Thailand. His teenage daughters have chosen to live with his sister Ariane, who is as anxious as she is admirable. Yvan is ready to leave... when beautiful Emmanuelle enters his life. She makes babies as easily as she falls in love, and she's accompanied by Léo, the little boy who Yvan's wife had with another man. Yvan is going to have to change his plans.

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Comments (2)

J'ai trouvé cetge comédie assez ennuyeuse et certainement pas pétillante. On passe le film à suivre un personnage qui se cherche


Très jolie comédie, pétillante à souhait. Denis Ménochet et Vanessa Paradis forment un couple ultra fondant et attachant. A découvrir !