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My Hero Academia
  • Country United States
  • Genre Reality
  • Runtime 85 minutes
  • Total runtime 89 hours 15 minutes
  • Status Continuing
  • Network ABC (US)

Bachelor in Paradise

142 members 6 seasons63 episodes

Contestants will live together in an isolated romantic paradise and, over the course of six episodes, we’ll follow these former bachelors and bachelorettes as they explore new romantic relationships. America will watch as they fall in love or go through renewed heartbreak.




Show renouvelé pour une 4e saison.


Actors (59)

Alex Woytkiw
Alex Woytkiw
Alexis Waters
Alexis Waters (Season 4)
Amanda Stanton
Amanda Stanton (Season 3, 4)
Angela Amezcua
Angela Amezcua (Season 5)
Annaliese Puccini
Annaliese Puccini (Season 5 & 6)
Astrid Loch
Astrid Loch (Season 5)
Yuki Kimura
Wells Adams
Ben Zorn
Ben Zorn
Bibiana Julian
Bibiana Julian (Season 5 & 6)
Blake Horstmann
Blake Horstmann (season 6)
Caelynn Miller-Keyes
Caelynn Miller-Keyes
Caroline Lunny
Caroline Lunny (Season 5)
Cassandra Ferguson
Cassandra Ferguson (Season 2, 5)
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson (Season 3)
Chase McNary
Chase McNary
Chelsea Roy
Chelsea Roy (Season 5)
Chris Randone
Chris Randone (Season 5)
Christen Whitney
Christen Whitney (Season 4)
Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood (Season 5)
Corinne Olympios
Corinne Olympios (Season 4)
Daniel Manzieri Heder
Danielle Lombard
Danielle Lombard (Season 4)
Danielle Maltby
Danielle Maltby (Season 4)
David Ravitz
David Ravitz (Season 5)
Dean Unglert
Dean Unglert
DeMario Jackson
DeMario Jackson
Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett (season 6)
Derek Peth
Derek Peth (Season 4 & 6)
Dominique Alexis
Dominique Alexis
Emily Ferguson
Emily Ferguson
Eric Bigger
Eric Bigger (Season 5)
Haley Ferguson
Haley Ferguson
Jasmine Goode
Jasmine Goode (Season 4)
Jenna Cooper
Jenna Cooper (Season 5)
Joe Amabile
Joe Amabile (Season 5)
John Graham
John Graham (Season 5)
John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones
Jordan Kimball
Jordan Kimball (Season 5)
Jubilee Sharpe
Jubilee Sharpe (Season 3, 5)
Kendall Long
Kendall Long (Season 5)
Kenny Layne
Kenny Layne (Season 5)
Kevin Wendt
Kevin Wendt (Season 5)
Kristina Schulman
Kristina Schulman (Season 4 & 6)
Krystal Nielson
Krystal Nielson (Season 5)
Lacey Mark
Lacey Mark
Nick "St. Nick" Benvenutti
Nick "St. Nick" Benvenutti
Nick Spetsas
Nick Spetsas (Season 5)
Nysha Norris
Nysha Norris (Season 5)
Olivia Goethals
Olivia Goethals (Season 5)
Raven Gates
Raven Gates (Season 4)
Rebekah Martinez
Rebekah Martinez
Robby Hayes
Robby Hayes
Sarah Vendal
Sarah Vendal
Taylor Nolan
Taylor Nolan (Season 4)
Tayshia Adams
Tayshia Adams
Tia Booth
Tia Booth (Season 5)
Vinny Ventiera
Vinny Ventiera
Wills Reid
Wills Reid (Season 5 & 6)

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