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  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Runtime 90 minutes
  • Total runtime 27 hours
  • Status Ended
  • Network SET TV

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Ever since moving from the village, Moon Village, to the city, the shopping queen Nan Yueli's goal is to become the new queen in love, marriage and career. However with the death of the village chief, she embarked on a journey back to the village, and once again met her childhood sweetheart, Bi Guojian. Guojian now worked in a high-end Japanese restaurant as an assistant chef. Also upon receiving the news of the village chief's passing, he made his way back to the village. With all the villagers gathered, the lawyer began to read the village chief's will. It was stated that the salt fields will be spilt evenly among the villagers, with the largest allocation of the salt fields would be given to to Yueli and Guojian. His aim was to unite the villagers to continue the salt fields traditions. However, everyone began to have thoughts to selling the salt fields away instead... Continuing on reading the will, the lawyers announced that it is only that when Yueli and Guojian having married for at least a year and stayed in the village during the marriage, the will will then take effect. Additionally, the property rights could only be completely transferred then. Upon hearing this, Yueli and Guojian were surrounded by fellow villagers. From young, the village chief claimed that both would be a married couple. However, this was a statement of a bygone era, which no one in the modern day would believe or act upon on. No one would have thought that the village chief would take this opportunity to realise this. Yueli and Guojian were dumbfounded. Would they give up their original life, fulfil the village chief's request and return back to their hometown?