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Best Indie Games - ClemmyGames

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THE Best Indie Games Channel highlights fantastic Indie Games that you may have missed, which you will come to savor and enjoy. My focus tends to be on Metroidvania, Rogue-lite, Action Adventure, Monster Taming and Farming Sim games since those are my favorites, but I do cover quite the wide range of genres, basically whatever looks good and will be of interest to you. Upload Schedule: New Videos Every Week! Do support me on Patreon or join as a YouTube Channel Member! Epic Referral Code►CLEMMYGAMES Steam Curation► http://tinyurl.com/ClemmyCurates Subscriber Milestones: 100 : 12/9/16 200: 9/8/17 300: 8/1/18 500: 16/4/18 1k: 23/8/18 2k: 29/11/18 5k: 20/03/19 10k: 18/07/19 15k: 01/01/20 20k: 06/03/20 25k: 01/05/20 30k: 23/07/20 Epic Partner Code: YZEP1P Don't cover mobile games so please don't send me those!



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