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  • Country Japan
  • Genres Action, Animation, Crime
  • Runtime 25 minutes
  • Total runtime 10 hours
  • Status Ended
  • Network Tokyo Broadcasting System

Black Cat

1K members 1 season24 episodes

A group of assasins are controled by Chronos. They all have a number on their neck. But number 13 which is Black Cat has the characteristics of a cat, because a witch cursed him. He is supposed to kill people but he also hates the thought of killing people. The world is secretly controlled by a secret organizition, Chronos. Under the command of this mysterious organization, are the Chronos Numbers, a group of powerful assasins, taking orders to eliminate certain target secretly to keep the so-called `peace`. One of the most powerful is the Number XIII, Train Hartnett, or known as Black Cat. At first he seems to be a cruel killer, a meeting with a girl Sweeper changed him completely. Now as a Sweeper, Train travelled with his partner Sven Volfied to hunt down criminals.



Comments (2)

Etant fan du Manga j'étais impatient de voir la série en animé. Si je peut vous donner un conseil, fuyez tant qu'il est encore temps. Jamais vu une adaptation aussi mauvaise.


Un bon conseil : lisez le manga et restez loin de son adaptation en anime on se demande s'ils ont ne serait-ce que lu le manga avant de l'adapter en anime... >> Le manga est en revanche un excellent shonen que je ne peux que recommander, en 20 tomes l'action s'enchaine bien on a des personnages attachants, de très bon dessins et des fights vraiment excellent.


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