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  • Genre Drama
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Total runtime 27 hours
  • Status Ended
  • Network iQiyi

Destiny's Love

189 members 1 season36 episodes

A story revolving around the complicated entanglements between an immortal with the magical ability to rewrite someone's fate and a film producer. Due to civil strife, Chi Yu (Zhang Mingen), a guardian of the stars, accidentally loses the Sun Moon Jade which is used to maintain the balance of power in the cosmos. In his search, he ends up on earth and falls in love with a female general named Ji Wan (Xu Lu). To save her, Chi Yu rewrites her fate without permission, but it results in her failing to live past the age of thirty in each of her lifetimes. Chi Yu is punished for his actions and imprisoned in The Big Dipper for three thousand years. After he gains freedom, Chi Yu returns to earth to fix the problems that he has caused. He reunites with the reincarnation of Ji Wan in the present day. She is Wen Xi, a a big shot film producer and a romance ensues.



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