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  • Genres Animation, Children
  • Runtime 25 minutes
  • Total runtime 21 hours 40 minutes
  • Status Ended
  • Network TV Tokyo

Majin Bone

28 members 1 season52 episodes

This story began before the Earth was born. Now, in the modern age, the creator of the unvierse, Majin, has revived suddenly. At the same time, visitors from the darkness have descended to Earth. As danger nears the Earth, three men pursue a young boy. “Is he a match? Could he really be humanity's last hope?” Ryuujin Shougo is your average high school student, spending his days in peace and quiet. But that peace and quiet is about to come to an end. “Dark Bone” appears before him. Dark Bone is merciless in his attempts to kill Shougo. It takes all of Shougo's skill just to avoid his strikes, but the monster catches up to him. The end seems near, when suddenly... A card that appears from deep in the ground. Shougo touches it, and an incredible event occurs! The card shines, and Shougo is wreathed in its light... “He's a match!” cry the three youths pursuing Shougo. From that light steps “Dragon Bone” – Shougo's transformed form. Why did Shougo transform? What is this “Card”? Who are the three men? Can Shougo beat “Dark Bone”? And what is the creator of the universe, Majin? A new legend is now beginning!

Season 1