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  • Genre Drama
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Total runtime 21 hours
  • Status Ended
  • Network Tencent Video

My Love From The Ocean

12 members 1 season28 episodes

A worldwide drug poisoning incident led to the entrustment of Yubao Kechi, disguised as a visiting scholar to Haiyan, which broke the quiet life of the girl Dai Dai. As the mission progressed, the feelings of the two also gradually warmed up. However, the disappearance of Dai Dai’s father Dai, the exposure of Chilu’s identity, and the true formula of mysterious drugs gradually surfaced. One after another, the mystery is plaguing Dai Dai, and the changes in the body cannot be ignored. In the process of finding his father, Dai Zhen gradually solved the mystery of his life. At the same time, the mermaid tragedy that occurred in Shuigong Island 20 years ago was also unveiled. The mermaid's bitter search for the mermaid tears is actually in the pool, the lover is still a group, trust or suspicion, as the mermaid princess Dai Dai is completely in a desperate situation. Behind the scenes, the death of the majestic grandeur made Dai Daichi and the former friends of the past stand on the opposite side. When Dai Dai decided to carry the mission of the ethnic group, what will her love with Chi Lu go.