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  • Country United States
  • Genres Action, Adventure, Science-Fiction
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Total runtime 10 hours 30 minutes
  • Status Ended
  • Network CBS

Planet of the Apes

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Astronauts Alan Virdon and Pete Burke are thrown 1100 years forward in time to 3085 AD to find evolved apes have become the dominant species and humans their apathetic slaves. Feared by the ape authorities, their plight turns the head of a promising young chimpanzee named Galen, who adopts the heretical idea that maybe humans aren't a lower species and can co-exist with apes as equals. As the three struggle to survive life on the run, a bond of friendship grows between them like an intricate tapestry woven right before our eyes, a multi-threaded miracle born of compassion, respect, and the desire to replace fear with understanding. The series is loosely tied to the original movie series, reusing some footage and the ape makeup (albeit on a lower budget).



Comments (2)

C'est mignon et plein de bonne moral mais j'ai cette amère impression d'avoir perdu mon temps... ps: impossible de trouver les épisodes spéciaux dommage


Si il y a bien une série de SF qui pourrai être sympas de refaire aujourd'hui c'est bien celle-ci ! Que de bon souvenirs. La série V a bien eu droit a son retour pourquoi pas La planète des singes. On peux toujours rêver.



Opening and Closing
1 February 2014

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