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  • Country South Korea
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Romance, Science-Fiction
  • Runtime 60 minutes
  • Total runtime 10 hours
  • Status Ended
  • Network MBC Every1

Please Don't Date Him

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Ji Sung is a household appliances developer who dreams to live a life like a well-designed algorithm. While she was working on an AI refrigerator with voice recognition, a super sensor chip which National Intelligence Service lost, accidentally got assembled to Ji Sung's refrigerator and the "Ancestral Spirit" program that will tell who the scums are instead of the freshness of vegetables is born. Thanks to the program, Ji Sung finds out that her perfect elite fiance Jung Han was actually not her Prince Charming and despairs. One day, Gook Hee, a firefighter who the program couldn't analyze and knows nothing about social media, shows up. And Ji sung can't stop being skeptical about him. He has zero traces of his past on the internet. Who is he, and will he make Ji Sung despair again?




Man this could've been better it had potential at first but then gets weird and turn to a cliche kdrama if they only focused on the technology side ugh and the romance in this drama is fucked up


Videos (8)

Episode 6 Preview
(Season 1 Episode 6)
8 December 2020
Episode 5 Preview
(Season 1 Episode 5)
1 December 2020
Episode 4 Preview
(Season 1 Episode 4)
24 November 2020
Episode 3 Preview
(Season 1 Episode 3)
17 November 2020
Episode 2 Preview
(Season 1 Episode 2)
11 November 2020
Teaser [Ver. 3]
(Season 1)
6 November 2020
Teaser [Ver. 2]
(Season 1)
4 November 2020
Teaser [Ver. 1]
(Season 1)
27 October 2020

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