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  • Genres Animation, Comedy
  • Runtime 20 minutes
  • Total runtime 41 hours 40 minutes
  • Status Ended
  • Network Syndicated

The Pink Panther (1993)

117 members 3 seasons125 episodes

The 1993 incarnation of The Pink Panther starred the legendary hip feline in series of brand new adventures, in which he dealt with different situations in a manner similar to the original Looney Tunes shorts, ranging from modern day situations such as working as a delivery boy to outlandish situations like living in caveman days. Unlike previous television series and almost the entire theatrical run, the series was produced with the Panther capable of speaking throughout the episodes, to allow more interaction with other characters. Voiced by Matt Frewer, he was given a humorous American accent in order to appeal to younger children, which was in sharp contrast to the sophisticated British accent supplied by impressionist Rich Little who voiced the Panther briefly in two 1965 cartoon shorts, "Sink Pink" and "Pink Ice."