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  • Country China
  • Genre Comedy
  • Status Continuing

Ultimate Note

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"Ultimate Notes" is a youth adventure drama co-directed by Zou Xi, Ma Xiaogang and Wei Lizhou, with Zeng Shunxi, Xiao Yuliang and Hani Kez in the lead roles, with guest appearances by Modern Brothers Liu Yuning, Fan Ming, Wang Jinsong and Liu Xuehua, and starring Cheng Fangxu, Liu Yuhan and Liu Ruyan . Based on the original novel by Nanpai Sanshu, the self-produced series "Ultimate Notes" tells the story of Wu Qi, who has just learned from Sanshu about the hidden secret at the bottom of the Xisha Sea and the feud between the Warring States palace and the Old Nine Gates after the Genting Heavenly Palace incident, and then received two videotapes from Zhang Qiling. In order to further uncover the truth of the matter, he followed the fragmented clues in the tapes to Qinghai, but fell into a deeper mystery, and has been adventuring all the way since then. The drama will be aired on December 10, 2020 on IQiYi.




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