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  • Runtime 30 minutes
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  • Status Ended
  • Network FOX (US)

Ultraman: Towards the Future

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Welcome to the Ultraman: Towards the Future guide at TV Tome. ULTRAMAN: TOWARDS THE FUTURE Japanese Release Title: ULTRAMAN GREAT (URUTORAMAN GUREETO) Show Type: Tokusatsu Science Fiction/Fantasy Produced by Tsuburaya Productions and The South Australian Film Corporation Distrubuted in the US by Sachs Family Entertainment and broadcast on Fox Network: First Telecast: January 4, 1992 Last Telecast: March 28, 1992 Color, Film/Video 13 Episodes Basic Plot: During a trip to Mars, astronauts Jack Shindo and Stanley Haggard witness a fight between two giants, a giant silver & red humanoid called Ultraman, and a giant sluglike tentacled creature called Gudis. During the battle, Stanley is killed by Gudis while escaping in the spacecraft (upon Jack's orders), but Ultraman is victorious. Although he destroys the Gudis, the alien creature evaporates into a green virus that rapidly streams towards Earth, thus beginning its invasion. Shindo, now stranded on Mars,




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