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School Lies

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Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck and their class break into the school swimming pool for a night of fun, but when someone nearly dies, the school threatens to expel the person responsible for the break-in. Everyone agrees to not say anything, but this creates major problems between Serena and Dan. Vanessa, while working on a documentary project about private schools, accidentally captures Blair and Chuck discussing their affair. Lily tries to tell Rufus how she really feels about him.

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S01E13 - The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

Actors (18)

Blake Lively
Serena van der Woodsen
Leighton Meester
Blair Waldorf
Penn Badgley
Dan Humphrey
Chace Crawford
Nate Archibald
Ed Westwick
Chuck Bass
Kelly Rutherford
Lily van der Woodsen
Matthew Settle
Rufus Humphrey
Taylor Momsen
Jenny Humphrey
Kyle Gilbert-Gregory
Andrew Collins
Linda Emond
Headmistress Queller
Dreama Walker
Hazel Williams
Reed Birney
Mr. Prescott
Jessica Szohr
Vanessa Abrams
Robert John Burke
Bart Bass
Nan Zhang
Kati Farkas
Nicole Fiscella
Isabel Coates
Connor Paolo
Eric van der Woodsen
Amanda Setton
Penelope Shafai