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After Georgina reveals the true reason Serena left Manhattan, Serena goes back into her old habits. Her friends Blair, Nate, and Chuck, in order to help her, have to put their differences aside. Meanwhile, Rufus is excited when his band is invited to perform at a Rolling Stone-sponsored concert, but Lily is the last person on earth he expects to see at the performance, especially since her wedding rehearsal dinner is the same night.

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S01E18 - Much 'I Do' About Nothing


C'est bon, j'ai tout compris : Dan est totalement stupide. Et Georgina qu'est-ce qu'elle peut m'énerver !!


Actors (17)

Blake Lively
Serena van der Woodsen
Leighton Meester
Blair Waldorf
Penn Badgley
Dan Humphrey
Stephen Kunken
Rolling Stone Journalist
Chace Crawford
Nate Archibald
Elan Moss-Bachrach
Pete Fairman
Ed Westwick
Chuck Bass
Kelly Rutherford
Lily van der Woodsen
Matthew Settle
Rufus Humphrey
Taylor Momsen
Jenny Humphrey
Craig Walker
Robert Sella
Lisa Loeb
Jessica Szohr
Vanessa Abrams
Robert John Burke
Bart Bass
Michelle Trachtenberg
Georgina Sparks
Zuzanna Szadkowski
Dorota Kishlovsky