• Director Lee Choon-baek
  • Duración 1 hora 19 minutos
  • Género Animación
  • Idioma Coreano

캐리와 슈퍼콜라

6 miembros

My friend 'Cola' has a superpower... ?. The alien 'Master', who was being chased by the space villain 'Spector', accidentally makes an emergency landing on Earth and gets into the body of 'Kola', the most precious doll of 'Carrie'. 'Super Kola' became Carrie's one and only secret friend, thanks to her psychic ability to move objects freely. But the peace is short-lived. Due to the excessive use of superpowers, 'Super Cola' caught on the radar of the 'Spector' gang and is eventually captured by the villain's spacecraft. Brave Carrie's Super Power Kola Rescue Operation.