Mein Lieblingsjahr - Mit Stars durch die Jahrzehnte

1 miembro

Nine prominent contemporary witnesses describe their experiences from their personal favorite year on WDR television! All this embedded in the political, cultural and social events of the time - from the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 to the controversial fashion of the 80s to the worst case scenario in Fukushima in 2011. A very personal journey through six exciting decades! For Wolfgang Niedecken it is very clear: his favorite year is 1987. That's when he tried his hand at being a solo artist for the first time alongside his "accomplices", went on tour through Nicaragua and caught a veritable jaundice there. After a few weeks of convalescence leave, which he spends on his mother's sofa in the south of Cologne, he's already on tour again: This time he and BAP are making more than 100,000 Chinese happy with rock "Made in Cologne". Oh yes,