• Director Sanaa Hamri
  • Runtime 1 hour 23 minutes
  • Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
  • Language English

Lovestruck: The Musical

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Lovestruck: The Musical: Tells the story of Harper (Jane Seymour), one of the best dancers to hit Broadway. But an injury caused her to leave the spotlight, become a choreographer, and raise her daughter, Mirabella (Sara Paxton). When Mirabella, the star of Harper's next big production, decides to quit the show to get married, her mother is determined to put a stop to the wedding and show Mirabella that she cannot give up her career for love, especially to marry playboy Marco (Alexander DiPersia).



franchement c'était bof ce film beaucoup de reprises de madonna et l'histoire de départ été aps mal mais uun peu trop culcul avec toutes ces chorégraphies et ses numéros de chants


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