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Prince, a corgi puppy who is raise up by one of the Hong Kong most famous model called Clara Baby along with her partner Zhou, whose one of the ‘Tu Hao" in China ("Tu Hao" meaning rich without class). They walks into the prosperity of Hong Kong and during their journey, Prince go through the ups and the downs, the poor and the rich environments, witnessing the living in Hong Kong.At the beauty contest at the charity event, Zhou purposely stops Prince from winning the competition and in the end Prince lost the game and at some reasons he has let Clara Baby down which leads Prince Life from heaven to hell.In a Hungry and cold cozy night after being left alone and abandoned in the streets, Prince met a girl named Zhong Jiaqi who’s new immigrants. She discovered Prince was left weak and to save Prince, she immediately carried Prince to the vet. Prince was so grateful for what Jiaqi has done and from then on prince follows Jiaqi wherever she goes...