Lading in uitvoering
  • Directeur Jorge Alberto Cano Jr.
  • Duur 1 uur 30 minuten
  • Geslacht Komedie
  • Taal Spaans

Escándalo Secreto En Plena Cuarentena

1 lid

Secret Scandal: In Quarantine

Due to the mandatory isolation because of COVID-19, a taxicab driver, in one of his moments of despair, tired and bored with his wife, decides to start an adventure that would change his life forever. Thanks to his friend, one of the most wanted hackers in Mexico, by the CIA. The adventure consists of the incredible hack to enter as the first infiltrated agent of the CIA in Colombia. This is how this ex-taxicab driver becomes Agent 009. The CIA puts him to the test in various missions. Through his contacts, he must successfully fulfill each of his tasks until he manages to dismantle the CIA's most dangerous and most wanted criminal organization. "Secret Scandal: In Quarantine" is a very peculiar film, a comedy that will have you laughing from beginning to end— a story based on the historical time we lived in today, quarantine due to Covid-19. The movie is an original production and is available for free exclusively on DistroTV.

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