Lading in uitvoering
  • Duur 1 uur 52 minuten
  • Geslacht Romantiek, Drama
  • Taal Engels

Me and Mrs Jones

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This lil ditty about Jack & Diane has our hero, Jack, on a road trip to find love, face his depression, & get the courage to finally quit chasing ghosts.

Five years after Diane leaves, Jack's depression reaches its' breaking point. With nothing to lose, Jack sets out on a cross-country journey of forgiveness, a huge ego, and a cast of wisdom seekers, who are willing to share life's little nuggets. For someone who's spent his whole life getting nowhere fast, Jack must learn how to quit running, so love can catch up. This coming of middle-age story begs you to cheer for the underdog...It's a beautiful moment when you realize the love you've been looking for your whole life, was with you the whole time.

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